CHARITY Foundation

Save Kids, Save Future

The ongoing war with the Russian aggressor has already left millions of Ukraininans without homes. Over 12 million of Ukrainians are relocated within the country. It creates the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the beginning of millennia! And what about kids? Thousands of them across Ukraine and abroad are left with single or no parents, often ending up in orphanages. Events like these ruin their mental health, darkening their future.

Kids are pure victims of the war, the most fragile of us all. They urgently require our help and non of us should stay aside. Our Foundation is helping Ukrainian children and raising awareness about financing that is so desperately needed by kids in Ukraine and those fleeing to Europe now. How many Einsteins could have grown from those kids that are at risk to not receive proper education or care?

  • Dislocated Kids

    Thousands of families with children are forced to flee Ukraine every day. Taken from their cozy beds, their homes, often late at night. Evacuated in overcrowded special trains with no lighting so the aggressor could not detect them, spending long cold hours at the borders, these kids are anything but fine! In temporary displacement shelters, on the way to their homes, they don’t have enough food and basic necessities. We are in contact with volunteers who are trying to provide children with everything they need on the borders with other countries. Help young Ukrainians and their families to reach safe places!

  • Army and Volunteers

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine have shown the highest level of training, devotion and courage we could ever dream of! But to continue help others, they themselves need protection. We can arrange production of body armor and deliver it to the blockposts, volunteer centers and even military headquarters so our soldiers could evacuate children out of combat zones.

    We support volunteers and the military who are evacuating children, so they can continue to help. Do not stay aside!

  • Wounded Kids

    Children who are shocked or injured end up in hospitals. We must deliver the right equipment and medication as requested by hospitals, providing for their needs. We are helping those hospitals that receive more children, or have been shelled, which led to damaging of their infrastructure, such as Mykolayiv Regional Children Hospital or OKHMATDYT Hospital in Kyiv.

    Due to our partnership with the cutting-edges technology companies we take care of the Ukrainian children that lost their limbs. They can walk again, paint, play instruments and have a life after all the horrors they have been through. Donate for Ukrainian kids so they can walk and play again!

  • Orphans

    While you are reading this, our country is fighting for its values and freedom with the aggressor. Unfortunately, because of that orphans don’t make the most media headlines now, but every day we find out about hundreds of children whose parents either died or left them without care. These kids are placed in the institutions that are not safe enough and can become easy targets for bombs or missiles.

    We are in touch with orphanages, providing them with humanitarian help or even evacuating in case of a direct danger.

    Become a hero yourself, save Ukrainian kids!

kids are the destiny of Ukraine

Save as many young souls as you can!

That is our Destiny

We are a generation of Ukrainians that only learned horrors of war from the books. Every year, on the memorable Victory Day, we repeated “Never again” and believed in these words. We looked forward to our future, looked with hope up to democratic values and the contribution that Ukrainian people can make into the world. Atrocious history twist made us stand on the border of the free World and now the whole World sees and knows how fiercely we defend our democratic path. However, children are suffering and we can no longer remain silent. When we are around, we see photos of crying mothers saving their children and pets, and we know that many of them are dead and can no longer protect the children.

A group of enthusiasts of different professional backgrounds got together to call for help in the worst humanitarian crisis since the WWII.

In this unprecedented historical battle, each of us can leave their impact.

That is how our project was born.

Caught off guard by the full-scale invasion, we are devoted to provide humanitarian help to our fellow Ukrainians and raise awareness about the war worldwide. With your donations, we can help families with kids that are suffering right now, and to preserve Ukraine's national identity and democratic values. We arrange cars and volunteers to the combat zones, help families to evacuate, find decent accomodation for them. We are supplying children and military hospitals of Ukraine that are facing big challenges and lack medical supplies during this war. We are partnered with tech companies that provide kibernetic limb prothesis for the children in need. And with more donations, we can do even more!